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Safer community:

As a mother, I have a vested interest in a safer Burien, especially for children. I will act as a conduit, on City Council, between city hall and Burien’s underprivileged and minority communities. Everyone deserves a city where they can thrive. For far too long we have heard that our crime rates are down. That is not the case. I have heard from small business owners and residents in our community that we have simply stopped calling. Burien has one of the lowest per capita officer rates in King County. Burien's growing population is far too large for the number of first responders we have. We need to increase the number of first responders and decrease response times. We also need to fund and support outreach programs. In the instances where it makes sense, these programs can treat the root cause of the problem, alleviate pressure on municipal resources, and save taxpayer money. However, we must avoid allowing other cities and King County from taking advantage of Burien. Our community has and will continue to do its fair share but our assistance needs to match our resources. It should be focused on people who actually live in our community. A current council member has described Burien as the release valve for Seattle. This must stop. With these changes, I believe we can achieve a safer Burien.

Small business support:

Burien is a diverse and rapidly growing city. We have so many great, local businesses that form the backbone of our community. As a long-time employee at one of our local small retailers, I will focus on being an advocate in city hall for small businesses. Small businesses are struggling to survive. For too long, City Council members have said they support our small businesses while running for office but then enact regulations which hurt those same small businesses they claim to support. In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the current City Council passed a utility tax increase and allowed greater competition for our restaurants by bringing in food trucks that they then had to compete with. The needs of our small businesses seem to be treated as an afterthought for any major decision making. The vast majority of small businesses are against the location of the DESC in the downtown retail core. And yet, the City Council isn’t listening to them. I will listen to business owner's concerns and bring them to the forefront of all city council discussions. Succeeding as a small business is difficult enough without facing additional challenges due to an indifferent City Council. I want to ensure that our policies not only keep these small businesses open, but also thriving in our community.

Government Accountability:

It’s time for honesty, transparency, and accountability to return to the Burien City Council. I’m not seeking higher office and I’m not interested in making a name for myself. I am a concerned mother and community volunteer. I feel compelled to work locally to make a difference in our community. The current council incumbent is running for higher office while at the same time running for Burien City Council. A victory in this congressional election will require the incumbent to move out of our city. This is the consistent hypocrisy we must change. You can’t claim to be focused on Burien while having one foot out the door of our community. I’m concerned decisions are being made without community input that don’t benefit Burien.

The Council approved Ordinance 734 which allowed Enhanced Services Facilities to be built in any area of the city including residential areas. There is a genuine need for programs to help people with serious mental health issues and a history of violence. However, the idea that those needs be placed before the safety of residents and children in our neighborhoods is wrong. If elected to the Council, I will join others in favor of repealing the ESF ordinance and following Washington State law to allow for public comment before taking a new vote on the requirements of ESF’s and where suitable locations would be in our city. I’m running for Burien City Council because this is my community. I’ll live and raise my family in Burien no matter what future election result may occur.